Review of the year gone by and forecasts for 2023

Christmas is finally approaching and it is time to take stock of the year and prepare strategies for 2023 in order to consolidate the growth of the BOOKROAD project. After the setback that Covid caused for the entire mobility and tourism sector worldwide, 2022 has marked a turning point in terms of recovering the “normality” that the pandemic destroyed.

Internally, the increase in turnover has meant a return to normality for a workforce that had to be reduced due to force majeure. We have to celebrate new recruits and the consolidation of the core staff, the people who have been pushing this global project of personalised private relocations for a number of years now. Our network of trust, which is spreading more and more all over the world, is already recovered and with the fleets now at 100%, we can guarantee the quality of our services as before 2020.

In 2022 we can highlight the boom in bookings that took place in the summer, which meant that we had to reinforce the tourism department to be able to attend to all your customers. The recovery of mobility after the pandemic has meant that this summer has been exceptional in every way and we have had to serve all your customers who wanted to enjoy the first post-pandemic summer without restrictions.

Recovery has also been noted in the field of corporate relocation. The evolution has not been as explosive as that of tourism, but we have noticed a progressive growth. This has meant the recovery of both customers and suppliers of our trusted network. The recovery has been particularly notable in the international sphere: agencies are increasingly relying on our services outside Spain, especially in Europe and North America, but also in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific area. Unfortunately, there are people, good professionals, who have fallen by the wayside, who have not been able to bear the economic hole that the 2020 standstill has left in their companies. But as always, we also have cases of new companies that have come to fill the gap.

From a commercial and networking point of view, in addition to personalised visits, we have attended trade fairs such as Fitur in Madrid, IBTM in Barcelona and WTM in London. As always, it is interesting to take the pulse of the sector and it was necessary to do it in person. We also believe that it is the best way to get to know the new needs of agencies and companies, the advances in technology applied to the management of private transfers and, why not, to meet interesting people to work with.

In short, for BOOKROAD it has been a year of progress on all fronts, which we hope to consolidate in the coming year 2023, hand in hand with travel agencies and event companies. And from these lines, we would like to congratulate our clients and suppliers for the festive season, and wish them a prosperous and well-travelled 2023.