St. JAMES’ WAY  “Zero Mile”

Finisterre km cero Camino de Santiago

Santiago de Compostela – Finisterre’s Lighthouse

We shall start this trip at Santiago de Compostela moving westwards to the “Costa da Morte”, which is the rocky atlantic seaboard. This is how we will arrive at Finisterre’s Lighthouse the westernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, where in the past people believed to be the boundary of the Earth (Flat Earth conception of the planet). The landscapes are wonderful and there we will find a must-visit: Saint James’ Way’s “Zero Mile”.

O Ézaro

At  A Coruña’s municipality of Dumbría we will visit the well-known waterfall of ‘Ezaro, a natural wonder formed by River Xallas at its mouth when it flows into the Atlantic from a height of 40 metres (more than 130ft). There a wooden walkway will alow us to reach the base of the waterfall, thus watching this beautifully natural show at the front line. From the Ézaro Viewpoint we can enjoy an exceptional view of both the waterfall and the port. Close to the waterfall we can also visit an old power plant refurbished into a Museum of Electricity.

Cascada de Ezaro
Puerto de Muros


Muros is a unique coastal village which is perfect for a stop. There you can enjoy the ample and tasty Gallician gastronomy and you can visit the fishing port, where there is a mill built back in the 19th century and recently refurbished, which benefits from the tidal movement of the Atlantic Ocean.


Later, we shal visit one of the longest granaries on stone pillars of Galicia. This traditional Galician contruction is used to store and protect grain from the humidity of the ground and it is very common on the region; what is not so common is for them to be as long as this one is: 35 metres long and almos 2 metres wide.

In order to conclude  this trip we will go back to Santiago de Compostela, thus finishing this visit to the “Costa da Morte”  of the rocky atlantic seaboard in Galicia.

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