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Paris is one of those places which always poses a dilema for the new visitor: there are too many places to visit and all of them seem atractive. Some of them are a must-see, of course, like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum; but when it comes to the less known locations, the collection of spots is enormous. For this reason, we have organized a guided tour across Paris which will let you discvover the most important places within the “City of Lights”. In the course of this trip, our professional guide will show you the most important momuments and buildings of the French capital as well as a brief historical reference for each one of them. This tour can be taken as a route to familiarize yourself with the city and to workout a map of the places you would like to explore in more depth.

Opera Garnier

Garnier Opera

Garnier Opera, also known as Grand Opera, is one of the most relevant opera and ballet theaters. The Opera building was built in 1862 by order of Napoleon III, and it is considered to be an example of the Fine Arts eclectic architechtural style.

Place Vendôme

This is one of the five royal squeares and it was built in 1699. It is surrounded by classicist houses and its center is decorated by the Vendome column which has a monument honouring Napoleon Bonaparte at its top.

Museo del Louvre​

Louvre Museum

This old royal palace holds the title of third biggest museum of the world. In adition to visual arts, it housesmany unic exibits from all over the world, from ancient Greece to Rome and Egypt.

Paris Hotel de Ville

This is not a hotel at all, it is a magnificent 100 metres long building houses the town hall offices. This building is universally praised for holding more thant 80 statues of French scietists, artists, politicians and businessmen which adorn its front.

La isla de Cité​

The Cité Island

The Cité Island is one of the two islands of River Seine, where medieval Paris had its downtown. The most important tourist attraction of this district is Notre-Dame cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture after which Victor Hugo titled the one which would become the first French historical novel.


Sainte-Chapelle and the courthouse. This chapel has the most complete set of authentic stained glass windows from the 13th century.


Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter with the Sorbonne and the Pantheon at Montparnasse: this famous district got its name from Latin,  the name of the old language spoken by many students and scientists who have worked and studied at the Sorbonnne as well as at many other higher education sites of this area.

Essential Paris

Our private trip along Paris also includes the Musée d’Orsay at Les Invalides  which also houses the tomb of Napoleon, the Ecole Militaire (Military Academy), and the Eiffer Tower, as well as the symbolic Champs Elysées along with other must-see spots.

Additionally,our clients have the option to change their route along Paris at will: just ask our operators and we will tailor the tour to your needs and preferences.
Time: 3 hours 2-3 stops, at Les Invalides and at the observation deck in front of the Eiffer Tower.

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