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Due to their excellent wines, La Rioja is a worldwide recognized area. It is located in the North of Spain, in the Walley of the River Ebro and surrounded by the Mountains of Toloño, Cantabria and La Demanda, La Rioja gives us a wonderful landscape plenty of vineyards and small villages, where the making of wine is an art and a way of life for the local people who have trasmited it from generation to generation. This great combination of beautiful landscapes, incredible cellers, own gastronomy and a rich historical heritage, makes that the visit to La Rioja would be essential for  those that love wine and the art of winemaking and its culture.

We offer you the transfer from the nearby Airports and trips in private and luxury cars, so you only have to worry about is enjoy good wine and other experiences that La Rioja brings you.

Balcony of La Rioja

The Denomination of Origin Rioja is a territory composed by several Autonomous Communities (La Rioja, Euskadi and Navarra) and it is divided according to the own weather of each area in Rioja Alta, Baja and Rioja Alavesa, cause of the specific characteristics of the different wines of the region. 

We will begin the route of the Rioja wine by the balcony of la Rioja from the height of the Sierra Cantabria, a viewpoint that allows us to cover overlooking the whole valley of the River Ebro in this area full of vineyards and beautiful villages whose inhabitants live of the elaboration of this wine since immemorial time.



Our route now takes us to Elciego, another municipality of Rioja Alavesa, which surprises us already from a distance thanks to the famous building of the Bodegas Marques de Riscal, a hotel designed by Frank Gehry. The building stands out among traditional stone houses in the area, creating a feeling of unreality, that soon we shook on entering the village

The City of the Wine of Marques de Riscal is a clear example of which is the wine and culture in this area. In addition to the old cellars of the mid-nineteenth century, the complex includes a luxury hotel, a spa specializing in wine and two prestigious restaurants that will delight visitors. But Elciego also offers us his more traditional face, which we find along the streets and offering us a ride in the surrounding area, walking among vineyards showing us a different image according to the season of the year in which we find ourselves.


Laguardia is the essential stop on our journey through these lands of vineyards. Located on a hill, this walled village can be seen from afar, like inviting us to visit it and to know its history and its people. The first thing that draws the attention of this villa is your wall, a vestige of its former function as a stronghold defending the boundaries of the old Kingdom of Navarre. Once we pass on one of the five gates of access and already inside the walled enclosure, we meet in a setting reminiscent of medieval: narrow streets with houses, churches and palaces made by Ashlar Stone tipical from this area. But Laguardia has a hidden part, since there is an underground town that many people are unaware: is the family cellars or “caves” that have been excavated in the underground for centuries. These wineries, also common in other villages in the surroundings, give us testimony of the importance of wine in the economy of the area since time inmemorial.


Rioja alavesa

The surroundings of the village of Laguardia is also spectacular. We can check it from the Paseo del Collado. In addition to the views on the majestic Sierra de Cantabria which dominates the northern part of the Valley, should add the vineyards as far as the eyes can see. The silhouette of the Bodegas Ysios just below the ride is really impressive. And let’s not forget the Lakes of Laguardia, a protected natural environment which is located to the East of the village, which contains natural riches of great ecological value.

And here put an end to this route that only pretends to be a small sample of everything that the land of La Rioja can offer to the wine lovers.

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